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NHS Choices
Health & Safety Executive
National Institute Clinical Excellence
Electronic Medicines Compendium
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© hse website
© nice website
© electronic medicines compendium website
Best Health
Virtual Health Network
Health Protection Agency
Health Finder USA
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© health finder website
Patient UK
Surgery Door
BBC Health
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© surgery door website
© bbc health website
© medinfo website
Women’s Health Information
Men’s Health Forum
Kids Health
Teenage Health Freak
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© men's health forum website
© kids health website
© teenage health freaks website
DfES TeacherNet First Aid
Resuscitation Council UK
NHS Immunisation Information
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© resuscitation council uk website
© nhs immunisation information website
© Webmd website
Talk to Frank
British Medical Association
British Heart Foundation
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© intute website
© british medical association website
© british heart foundation website
NHS Stop Smoking
Nursing Times
eMedicine Health
British Chiropractic Association
© nhs stop smoking website
© nursing times website
© emedicine health website
© british chiropratic association website
The British Medical Acupuncture Society
Dr Foster
Contact a Family
Macmillan Cancer Support
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© dr foster health website
© contact a family website

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Self Help UK
Merck Manuals Home Edition
Merck Manuals Professional Edition
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